Welcome Gothamites!

Welcome Gothamites!

Welcome to the Gotham Central website.

Things have been pretty hectic here at Gotham while we have been preparing for the new website.

So let’s catch you up!


Firstly, we’re in Convention Season! (you can check the photos on our Facebook page).  So far we’ve done Niagara Falls Comic Con, Cottage Country Comic Con in Orillia in June, and recently in the beginning of July, Montreal Comic Con (where we had the Batman Wedding event happening the same time we were packing!).

We’ve also had several events here at the store earlier this year.  In January, we celebrated our 6th anniversary! *cue the birthday music* We celebrated by showing off our new expansion –which looks pretty sweet if you ask me (No? You don’t like puns? I see how it is). For those who didn’t get the pun, we have collaborated with Sweet Addictions Candy Co (check out their FacebookTwitter, or Instagram) for the expansion so now there is a Sweet Addiction Candy Co here in Mississauga. In March, we had our Artist Sketch Dual For Charity, where we invited more than a dozen artists to compete with each other in a tournament style and had the covers put for bid in a Silent Auction. All the proceeds went to the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation (we raised almost 1K this year!).  In the beginning of May, we had Free Comic Book Day! Which is always a blast, so do I really need to describe it? At the end of May, we had our Deadpool Day! Chimichangas for everyone, plus we had bunch of Deadpools walking around (fun in theory but he is called the Merc with a mouth so you can see how that went). Finally in July, we had the Wedding of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (they were dressed at Batman and Catwoman while the Joker was the officiant, so you know something went down). To know what happened go the Gotham Central Facebook for answers!

Lastly, for the past couple months there have been some books coming out that have been flying off the shelf, some because they are the first issue and others because the story has been heating up.

For Marvel there has been: Amazing Spider-man#1, Tony Stark Iron Man #1, Thor #1, Immortal Hulk #1, Avenger #1, Life of Captain Marvel #1, Venom #1, Thanos#13-onward, Amazing Spider-man #800, X-Men Gold Wedding Arc, X-23#1 and Starboy.

For DC there has been: Batman White knight, Doomsday Clock, Action Comics #100, Batman #50 (and all the things leading up the wedding), Flash #47-onward for the Flash War, Man Of Steel, Superman #1, Justice League #1, Justice league No Justice, Mister Miracle and Catwoman.

For Image, there has been: Saga, Walking Dead, Magic Order, Gideon Falls, Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, Oblivion Song and Spawn.

As you can see, lots of things have been happening here and to add to this exciting list we have Gotham’s brand-new website. This includes this fun blog! So now you can keep with us here at Gotham Central and we can give you all the latest details.  Be sure to Follow us on our FacebookTwitter, Instagram  for new things happening in the store. if you have any inquiries please email us at gothamcentral@rogers.com or call us at (905) 212-9992. Feel Free to come on down to Gotham Central to look around the gems we have here (we had infinity stones but then Thanos came and a few of us got snapped).

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